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List your beauty services at LONCANI on your profile. Host your event on LONCANI and sell services/tickets in the right way. Avail an opportunity to fill the space in your studio. List a room to rent for an aesthetician, a nail artist, or a chair for a hairdresser.

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Demonstrate your valuable, quality services by posting videos and photos of your services on LONCANI. It will explain the quality of your services to your customers. It’s like your online portfolio; the more you add, the best it is! Upload your video and share your best work picture.

Chat with new clients before

LONCANI allows you to communicate with your customers directly on the platform message features. You can answer some queries and questions before they book an appointment. Plus, you can keep yourself in touch with customers through an in-app message system.

See your business performance with Listing Insight Detail

Reports and details matter a lot! Here, on the screenshot, is an example explaining the processes and performance of your business on LONCANI.

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Earning Report

Stay in the loop and know exactly how much you make through LONCANI, and control when and how you get paid!

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