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    Marcia Golding

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      COVID-19 Rules and Guidance

      You should wear a mask and Keep social distancing.

      • Speaking Languages: English
      • Refund policy: Depend on your situation.
      • Cancellation policy: Cancel 24h before

      Marcia has been an active wellness professional educator for 30 years. Her vision and focus are to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to keep active through a lifestyle that embraces physical fitness. Every aspect of our well-being is important. She is passionate and committed to helping others to achieve their personal goals. Physical activity is an act of self-care that is essential to our everyday lives. Keeping an active lifestyle requires dedication, pushing limits, putting in the time and effort, no excuses.

      Whatever your fitness goals are, Marcia has a solution for you! She encourages her clients to improve their health, both mentally and physically, by reinforcing the benefits of developing good habits.


      Are you being too busy to go to the gym but need some guidance with your workout? If you are committed and want to achieve your personal fitness goals, Marcia is excited to lead you on this amazing journey.

      Please contact me before you book.
      Thank you

      Available Amenities


      • Consultation session

        1h of consultation to understand your need and define how I can help you.

        Duration: 1h minutes

        $ 80

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