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Terms and Conditions of uses

The Internet platform accessible at https://loncani.ca/ is managed by LONCANI, whose head office is located in Ottawa, and the e-mail address is: [email protected]; allows Publishing, browsing, booking, and registration of beauty care services, wellness and personal care in general, as well as access and use of a blog, a messaging system. The LONCANI Platform brings together Black-Owned beauty businesses, Black self-employed workers, Black Independent Beauty Professionals in the beauty industry and consumers who seek and need these services.


The following terms, whether used singular or plural, have the following meaning in this General Condition of Use (“GCU”):
1.1 User: is defined in article 2.1 of the GCU.
1.2 User account: means the space dedicated to the user to whom he can access the platform by using his username and password and in which the user has access to certain features reserved for the platform, including a messaging system allowing users to communicate with each other, and the ability to perform specific actions.
1.3 Requirement: Refers to a request made by a customer in which he describes the service he needs and to which suppliers can respond with an offer.
1.4 Client: Refers to a user, natural or legal person, who uses the platform to contact and connect a beauty service provider who may provide a benefit depending on his needs.
1.5 Partners: Refers to a user and an independent beauty care provider, physical or moral, who use the platform to provide the desired benefit to a customer by following their requirements.
1.6 Offer: Means a service offer from a supplier likely to meet a customer’s need or in response to a customer’s need
1.7 Booking request: Action issued by a client to have an appointment. The booking will be confirmed after the provider approves the request.
1.8 Booking: Act performed by the customer, constituting for the provider the obligation to perform the service booked by the customer according to specific needs and for the customer to pay the amount fixed in advance by the professional.
1.9 Commission: Refers to the remuneration payable to LONCANI in consideration of the services provided by LONCANI.
1.10 Delivery: Refers to the supply of goods or services that an applicant is likely to provide.
1.12 Comments: Is an opinion given by users about a service received by a beauty care professional through the platform
1.13 Wallet: it’s a virtual wallet in which partners see their profit



2.1 By accessing and using the platform, the visitor of the platform, regardless of whether he becomes a registered user as a member (the “User”) or not, accepts the GCU. The blog, accessible at https://loncani.ca/blog/, is hosted by LONCANI and is governed in an additional manner under the terms of use available at https://loncani.ca/ terms-and-conditions/ and the privacy policy available at https://loncani.ca/privacy-policy/
2.2 LONCANI reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice. It is the user’s responsibility to regularly check https://loncani.ca/terms-and-conditions/ at regular intervals to be kept informed of any changes or modifications.
2.3 The simple fact of publishing the revised the GCU on the platform is sufficient to make it binding for any modification or revision and to continue to access and use the services after an amendment or change that the user accepts.



3.1 To access the services that the platform offers, users must register on the platform by creating a user account.
3.2 Beauty professionals are also required to create a Stripe account to allow the receipt of payments from customers. Click here to create a Stripe account and connect it to your account in your dashboard.
3.3 The User undertakes to provide complete and accurate information and to keep it up to date. If the user provides inaccurate, outdated or incomplete personal information, if LONCANI has reasonable grounds to suspect that the user has provided inaccurate information, or if LONCANI has reason also to consider that the user has not respected a provision of this GCU, LONCANI has the right to refuse any access and use of current or future services (or any part of them), without having to justify its decision.
3.4. The user account credentials are personal, and the user agrees to keep them confidential. The user remains responsible for them, as well as any activity generated by his user account.
3.5 The User undertakes to inform LONCANI immediately of any loss of password, any fraudulent use of his password or his user account and any other breach of security. LONCANI cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the non-compliance of the user of the GCU.
3.6 The user can modify or delete his user account at any time by contacting us at [email protected]



4.1 The content of the platform, in particular, the services, is offered as such and may not be used, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, disseminated, represented, sold, transferred or used in any other way for purposes other than their consultation and use. For this unique and unique purpose, LONCANI allows the user, in a limited, revocable and non-exclusive way, to access and use the services per these Terms.
4.2 The displayed items, messages, texts, files, images, photos, videos, or any other equipment posted and transmitted by the Users (“User Content”), are the sole responsibility of the user or the third party, who is original. Within the legal limits, LONCANI cannot be held responsible for the content of the user.
4.3 Users agree not to use the platform for any unlawful purposes and to use the platform in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and to ensure that the rights of third parties, including proprietary rights, are not infringed intellectual.
4.4 In particular, Users undertake not to use the platform to provide or obtain unlawful services; not to display, transmit or publish illegal content, for example:
4.4.1 Content relating to crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred and violence, child pornography or sexual abuse of any kind, violations of human dignity and the content of discriminatory, prejudicial to privacy or defamatory;
4.4.2 False, incomplete or inaccurate information
4.4.3 Financial content such as a loan, search for a loan of money, include no viruses, Trojan horses, time bombs or any other program designed to damage, produce an adverse effect, intercept or thwart any system, given personal information,
4.4.4 Content regarding the sale, donation or exchange of any living being (e.g. animals).
If LONCANI finds, during an auditor as a result of information from a third party, that a user uses the platform for illicit purposes, LONCANI may delete all services and the account of this user and immediately terminate the access of the platform by the user.



The creation of a user account is free.  A 3.5% service and transaction fee will be charged to the Partners. These service charges are intended to cover the cost of credit card services offered by Stripe and the help desk, among others, and allow us to provide you with a very diverse list of support, a loyalty program and an updated platform.



6.1 The benefits offered by the Partner on the platform are described by the Partner and their content via their business page. The features of these benefits, as well as the user’s content, are indicative only. LONCANI does not guarantee the conformity of the benefits and services offered by the professional and the description given by the professionals.
6.2 The appointment for service is confirmed after payment or deposit, and the customer is charged at the time of booking. Payment will not be sent to the service provider until the service is marked as completed by both parties.
6.3 Partners are free to formulate the content and price of their offers and services.
6.4 Each Partner must set its cancellation policies, so, in the event of cancellation, LONCANI will refer to the professional’s cancellation policy before acting. In case the provider has not established a cancellation policy, LONCANI authorizes you to cancel your reservation 24h before the booking time and will immediately process the refund after the cancellation.



Each professional must set its refund terms so that it is obliged to make a refund based on its refund policies via its stripe account. LONCANI does not assume the responsibility to reimburse the customer if the quality of the service is not to his satisfaction and disputed. But since the LONCANI team wants a good collaboration between our Partners and customers, in the event of a dispute, LONCANI is committed to resolving the dispute fairly.



LONCANI offers users the opportunity to comment on and evaluate the service rendered via the platform. The comments and ratings assigned will be posted on the professional listing page. Users agree to be as objective as possible, and LONCANI reserves the right to delete any comment or evaluation or any other user content that is contrary to these Terms.



9.1 LONCANI cannot in any way guarantee the performance or quality of the service provided by the beauty care professional to a customer, nor the conformity of the service to the needs of the customers. All warranties of any kind are excluded, whether express or implied, including the quality or availability of the services offered through the platform. LONCANI will in no way be held responsible in case of failure, total or partial, or poor performance of any service by a Partner to a customer. Each customer is obliged to assert his rights directly with the Partner.
9.2 Each User remains solely responsible for all his obligations relating to his activity on the platform, particularly as regards his taxes and social contributions. LONCANI can, in no way, be held responsible for users’ access or potential for the use of the services as illegal.



By providing their e-mail address and phone number when accessing and using the platform, users agree that LONCANI will e-mail them newsletters often.



Access and use of services, including the platform, involves the collection and processing of users’ personal data. Check out LONCANI’s privacy policy at https://loncani.ca/privacy-policy/



LONCANI reserves the right, at any time, to modify or stop temporarily or permanently the listing of services and products, including the platform (or any part of it), with or without notice. LONCANI cannot be held responsible for any modification, suspension or termination of services. Any part of the content of the services may be out of date at any time, and LONCANI is under no obligation to update this content.



LONCANI may at any time, with or without reason, with or without notice, in its sole discretion and without liability, refuse any registration, exclude a user, refuse, cancel or cancel the access and use of a user to any or part of his services, including his user account, particularly in case of violation of the GCU. LONCANI invites any user to inform them of any possible abuse on the platform or violation of the GCU, to the e-mail address [email protected]

For questions or technical difficulties, please contact LONCANI by e-mail at [email protected]

Thank you,