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Get Promoted

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Advertising & Promotion

We believe in quality work and we aim to award different promotions depending on your hard work and work qualities. These promotions are awarded on the valuation of the customers’ feedback. This will improve your profile and your business. It will also drag more booking and ultimately improve your income as well. So, are you excited?

Get promotions and special advertisements on
Social media platform

LONCANI is owning social media pages with a large number of followers. Beauty experts with great performance will be awarded special introductions on social media pages. They will get a chance to be introduced to a number of new clients. They will be able to appeal to new customers and enhance your business.

We have a growing social media page with thousands of followers. Beauty experts will be introduced through our Facebook community. We promote your work, your profile and your business.

Your exceptional performance and portfolio will be shared on our Instagram page. Your work will get discovered and reach new members. Isn’t it seem significant?


Get ready to be
Found online with your unique profile

Our platform introducing a lot of new features for beauty experts which can lead them to promote their business. LONCANI App will provide an opportunity to show your online presence. New clients will be able to interact directly with you through LONCANI.

On the marketplace
The LONCANI Beauty Marketplace is visited by hundreds of beauty treatment buyers. Get found in the marketplace for what makes you unique.

On Google / SEO
Our digital marketing expert team optimize your listings and your profile as well which will position your business on Google.

On traditional media press
Digital media has revolutionized the age, but many people still following traditional media to upgrade their knowledge. So, LONCANI will promote your portfolio and your profile using traditional media like TV, newspapers, and other traditional presses.