My Winter Skincare Routine – Top Tips You Don’t Want To Miss


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My Winter Skincare Routine – Top Tips You Don’t Want To Miss




My Winter Skincare Routine – Top Tips You Don’t Want To Miss

It’s that time of the year again where scandals turn into strapped boots and summer dresses are switched for longer coats. While you pile up on your clothes and switch up your wardrobe, most people tend to leave one part exposed and unchanged! Just as you adjust your wardrobe to the new weather, it’s important to update your skincare routine to take care of your skin specifically in the harsh, cold weather. 


The cold weather and dry atmosphere brought about by winter dry out your skin. Incorporate these healthy skin tips into your skincare routine for the drier months of the year to maintain a healthy level of moisture and glow throughout the year!

Best Skincare Routine & Tips For Winter 

Best skincare routine during the wintertime takes a bit more intentional care, with more time and effort to achieve the same glow. Even while your fingers, legs, back, and toes are all covered up from the blast, our faces remain exposed to the harsh conditions. In most cases, the snow or cold comes with low humidity which strips your skin of moisture for every second that you’re outside.


As a result, your skin dries up, cracks, and starts to itch. When the dryness kicks in, your skin starts to bleed, leading to a dermatological nightmare.


Our tips will assist you in avoiding that uncomfortable state that makes most people a bit self-conscious – so read on to learn how to maintain that radiant glow, even in the more unforgiving months of the year.


1. Maintain the Moisture On Your Skin

Our skins naturally produce oils (sebum) that protect our skin and keeps it radiant. Very long, hot showers strip your skin of this important layer. So switch over to warm baths, and take care to pat your skin after, but not to completely dry it. Moisturize it immediately afterwards with a quality moisturizing lotion to get rid of dry skin.


2. Balance The Humidity In Your Home

Because of the inherently drier atmospheric conditions, it’s crucial to counter the low humidity by getting a humidifier for your home. There are many options to choose from, from portable ones to more industrial ones that are incorporated into your heating systems. Restoring moisture into your home will provide your skin with more moisture to absorb, which is what we want! 


3. Infuse Moisture From The Inside

Amp up the ounces of water you drink daily. While fighting the external dry war, make sure that you’re hydrated from the inside.


4. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.

Just because you’re not seeing the sun doesn’t mean you should slack in your use of sunscreen. According to experts, the sun’s rays still reach your skin, so take care to diligently apply sunscreen. 


5. Rehydrate Thoroughly

This may be high time that you make the transition to an oil-based moisturizing lotion to give your skin the extra radiant glow it needs! You could even try over-the-night deeply moisturizing creams and treatments to assist you with the especially drier parts of your body like your knees, elbows, lips, and the extreme limbs – your feet and hands. As an extra precaution, consider getting cotton gloves and socks to lock in the moisture throughout the night.


6. Change Your Cleanser

It’s advisable to switch from your normal cleanser and body wash to an intensely hydrating and moisturizing cleanser. This is even more crucial if your normal cleanser contains moisture draining ingredients like glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Apply a toner and moisturizer immediately after cleansing to avoid further moisture loss. 


7. Be Extra Vigilant – Skincare Routine

Your skin in winter is extra sensitive and prone to potentially irreparable damage. If you have an existing dermatological condition like acne or eczema, then take care to stay away from allergens or irritants or allergens that could potentially flare the condition.


A little tender loving care is sure to go a long way this winter, and your skin will surely thank you for it!


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