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Tips For a Quick Everyday Makeup




Tips For a Quick Everyday Makeup

Need a quick way to look fab without hogging the makeup chair for hours? We’ve got you! Create a simple and elegant look in literal minutes and step out feeling like a million bucks with this makeup routine.


1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

The key to any sustainable makeup routine is moisturizing, so always have a moisturizer as a basic makeup essential. Hydrated skin allows the makeup application process to be much smoother, so always prime with a good moisturizer. Whether you have dry or oily skin, don’t skip out on this step.


2. Conceal the Under-eye

If you tend to get dark circles under your eye, make sure to start by hiding those. Find a cream that works for you in whatever shade to go with your complexion. Whatever you’ve heard about picking a “lighter” shade for undereye concealers is a lie. They leave an unflattering look, so pick the correct shade and apply the concealer in tiny stripes with a more pointy brush. When you blend, use your finger (it really works!) moving in light strokes. 

*Tip:  If you struggle with fine lines, work the tip of the brush into the skin as if you’re pressing the concealer into your skin, rather than brushing or rubbing motion.


3. Master Your Base


Here’s where you should spend a large part of those minutes when you’re doing your makeup. A good makeup base is a secret to have flawless looking skin underneath. Whatever dramatic finishes or hot and flashy makeup routine you want, smoky eyes and bold lips, if you miss it here, your whole look will be compromised.
To have your skin looking even and toned, grab your foundation stick. You’ll have the best control as you apply with this. A tip we stole from a makeup expert is to treat the stick like a marker, tracing lines across the cheekbones, along with the nose, on top of your eyebrows, then blending it all in using your fingers. 

Why to spend money on all those brushes if I’ll be using my fingers most of the time – I hear some of you asking yourselves. Well, for starters, you have much better precision using your hand than a brush – that way, you’ll be able to achieve a much more natural-looking makeup routine. Secondly, the warmth of your hand help melts the product right into your skin, making it glide and give you the perfect finished look you’re going for.

Before you blend, grab a second stick that’s a few shades darker and trace along the same lines. It’ll look a bit odd before you blend, but we promise, it’ll all blend in smoothly. Mix the two together all the way to your neck (using your fingers lol, we won’t get tired of emphasizing this) 

*Tip: Rubbing some moisturizer into your palms before blending helps give your face a glowing, sheer finish. This is perfect of you were going for lighter coverage.


4. Cover Up Any Blemishes

Wearing makeup every day is about feeling good about yourself and hiding the tiny blemishes on your skin. If you have a zit or struggle with hyperpigmentation, you’ll likely want to cover this up with your makeup. If the initial foundation didn’t completely cover a blemish, go over it with another layer of concealer (same shade as step one). Alternatively, you could use a cover-up that has some salicylic acid which actively helps shrink blemishes and gives your skin the camouflage you want. 

Lightly dab the concealer into your skin with your sponge and make sure to camouflage all the angles well. If the zit is a different color, make sure it matches your skin by the time you’re done. Set it with some mattifying powder when you’re through. The more matte, the better, since this helps hide it better than leaving it shiny. 

Properly done, you can get away with not touching up the area with the blemish for a couple of hours. If it happens to get oily though, take care to have a powder break and press your makeup in using beauty blenders, which absorb the oil from your face while keeping your makeup in place. This is far much better than using ordinary blotting sheets which sometimes wipe off your makeup too. 

*Tip: Grab a Bottle of spot solution before applying your concealer. This helps seal off the blemish, giving you a better-finished look. 


5. Give your Cheeks Some Color

On top of the work you’ve already done with the shading and sculpting giving definition to your cheeks and all, give your face a bit more color using a cream blush. And here we say cream over the traditional powder form as it gives you a more natural glow, perfect for your quick glam makeup look. Target the apples of your cheeks, easily identified by smiling (try it and see!) then blend in an upward motion, working it towards your temples with what…you guessed it right, your fingers!

*Tip: If you’ve somehow made a bit of a mess and want to tone it down a little bit to avoid walking out looking like a clown, then apply a bit of foundation on top. There’s no need to waste all the products you’ve used (not to mention the time and effort) by washing it all off). 


6. Give Your Eye a Shimmer

Take your quick makeup routine

 routine for work and make it more professional looking by applying a dab of shimmer cream from your lash line up to your brow bones using nothing but your index finger. 

Another big bonus point with using a shimmer is you’ll be able to cover up if there are any stray eyebrow strands if you didn’t tweeze. For a more dramatic flair – dab a little bit into the corners of your eyes. This a red carpet steal that celebrities do all the time to give their makeup looks a bright-eyed effect.

*Tip: If you struggle with oily eyelids, grab a primer first on them to mattify them and make your eye shadow last longer. 


7. Dramatic Eyes

For popping eyes, grab your bronze and gold shadows and add a bit more depth in your quick eye makeup routine for work. Work the bronze into the eye creases with a flat shadow brush, then blend it in, lightly smudging it in over the lids with your fingers. Make sure there aren’t any stark lines or stripes appearing – it should be well blended and look absolutely flawless and effortless. 

To avoid any budging, especially when dealing with creamy formulas, set the cream as you go with a complementary powder eyeshadow. Whether you want a simple makeup everyday look or want to look like you’re about to strut the red carpet, make sure you work in a pressing motion rather than a swiping motion for the perfect finished look.
Pressing as opposed to swiping helps build even pigmentation without having the eyeshadow dropping onto the rest of your face. Your makeup look will definitely look more professional with this tip.

To achieve bigger looking eyes for your everyday makeup look, pat in some gold cream shadow right in the center of your lids and trace a tiny bit along your lower lashes with your finger or tiny brush. 

*Tip: Applying gold under your eyes gives your makeup look a luminous finish, while darker tones make your undereye circles more visible.


8. Sculpt and Give Definition

Everyday Makeup Routine

For a more intense look, rim the upper eyelash lines with a brown liner then smudge it in an upwards motion with your shadow brush. Use the same powder eyeshadow you used in step seven, then complete the look with a double coat of mascara, giving extra attention to the outer lashes with the tip of the wand. 

*Tip: Want a more dramatic effect, grab an eyelash curler before using your mascara. Work from the roots (close to the eye) and work your way slowly to the lash tips.


9. Touch Up The Eyebrows

Everyday Makeup Routine

This step, for most people, is where a lot of things can go wrong. You want your eyebrows to look more like siblings than distant cousins. Work slowly, filling in any gaps with your disposable mascara wand to comb the hairs up. 

*Tip: go over the brows slowly and carefully as many times as you need to until you achieve the desired look with having smudged dense-looking eyebrows. Use the natural shape of your brows as the guide and simply make them fuller.


10. Sexy, Lush Lips

Everyday Makeup Routine

Before using any lipstick, make sure you take care of your lips by exfoliating the lips using a product, or a warm, damp towel, then base with a lip balm or petroleum. Let it get absorbed well, then blot out any excess then grab your favourite lip product for whatever look you’re going for. 

Start at the very center of your lips by pouting as this is where color fades form first, then blend it out, patting it down with your finger to make sure it stays. This gives you that cute, just-sucked-a popsicle look for a day look, or apply an extra layer for a shiny, night out look.

*Tip: If you’re more audacious and want something bolder, then steal this makeup expert tip: apply a layer of concealer first over your lips, helping you balance out the color for when you apply the lipstick, while making your lip look last longer. Work it this way: light dab, blot, apply the liner, dust translucent powder, then blot. 

With the right essential makeup products for daily use, you can achieve the most flawless looking makeup look without spending hours in the makeup chair. Look drop-dead with minimal effort with these daily makeup routine ideas and feel like the supermodel you are!