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Valentine’s Business Ideas

Love is in the air and Valentine’s is around the corner; but who said Vals is just for smitten lovers?


If we’re being honest, the holiday has taken a slight detour from being solely about the love birds, and commercialized to focus on what the love birds can get for each other as a declaration of their love.


The grander the gesture – the stronger the love too! And as a business, the more you can woo your clients and make them feel loved – the better your success rate over this holiday.


Done right, the profits your business could make from this one-day holiday could be as big as that made by some corporations over the Christmas holidays.


Here’s how to turn the love pot into a money pot:


1. Run A Promotion

Everybody loves a good deal – and offering yours strategically could see you bagging a tons of deals this valentines day ideas. If your business is service based, for example a spa, offer a discount for couples who come in together. Alternatively, have a deal where you offer package deals for purchased items (a box of chocolates, a card and roses) and free delivery to their “special someone.”

Show your customers you care about them within this period by flattering them with deals and discounts and you’ll have loyal customers for life. Make everything heart sickeningly romantic; add a dash of love into every product that goes out or service offered and truly run with the theme. 

Don’t be afraid to be bold with your offers with captions like “What she/he wants” to get your customers excited. You could even partner with a small local business like a flower shop to supply you with flowers to go with every purchase made from the promo. 


2. Personalized Valentine’s Cards

Here you may want to take a detour from the conventional route of emails. Chances are, there are a bunch of other companies already flooding your customers’ email inbox. So think outside the box to truly stand out from the crowd.

If your email contact list has their addresses, consider sending them actual cards – go traditional! This will be thoughtful and they’ll certainly become devoted to your brand. If not, then jump straight into their DMs and send personalized messages. Take note not to turn these into “salesy” texts – just let them know you appreciate their loyalty and send kisses their way. If you do it right, you won’t need to be begging them to declare their devotion to you!


3. Take It To Social Media

Admit it, everyone loves a grand gesture, especially one done in front of admiring crowds. Host a contest on your social media platforms and watch how fast user engagement increases and your brand visibility grows. Come up with a things to do on valentines day catchy hashtag to get everyone on board and make sure you’re trending. This is perfect as the result of this will be tons of user-generated content that you can bask in.

Give the spotlight to one of your customers or followers and ask them to share their love story and tie it to your brand and tag you. 

Don’t limit it to romantic love, have sisterhood, bromance, parental and all sorts of stories lined up. To make it more exciting – have a prize ready for the story that’ll be voted the best to really boost engagement! Something like this won’t put a dent in your budget, but it will excite your customers and certainly boost your following.


4. Single Hearts Matter Too!

Your audience most certainly isn’t made up of happily married or booed up people – so make sure you cater for the singletons out there too. For the ladies, host a single ladies night where you pamper them and give them little valentine’s day gifts for her like chocolate, beauty vouchers or hampers, fragrances and a rose. 

If your company has a website – have a section for the single hearts where you make them feel special without taking away the attention from the couples. Like the stories shared by the couples, ask the singletons to share their terrible date stories and have an award for the story that’s voted the most truly atrocious!

These are both hilarious and relatable – and so they receive a ton of engagement. You could even host a “hall of shame” for terrible Valentine’s gifts they’ve received over the years. Just make sure you have prizes ready to soothe their wounds you’ve helped reopen!


5. Go The Extra Mile With Your Email Marketing

It’s effective on any other day, and it certainly will have the right impact for this holiday. With these, don’t wait until the 14th to start sending out lovey-dovey emails. A week or even two before is still perfect. Immediately adjust your email content, tone and headers to suit the theme. 

Themed email marketing campaigns are a great opportunity to tell your customers about all the great deals you’ll be hosting leading up to and on Valentine’s day! Don’t be shy to throw in those heart and roses emojis either, and have equally romantic subject lines. 

6. Love Poll

Social media is your friend – so go all out with your engagements. Host polls that draw attention to your products or services. For example, have questions like: “What’s your ideal valentines gift?” then showcase different packages with beauty hampers from your store. If you want to really take it up a notch, have a different question each day to really boost engagement, and make the questions fun and interactive.


7.  Celebrate In Style

Truly get into the spirit of things by rehashing your pages and profiles to go with the all romantic, love-is-in-the-air theme. This’ll inevitably spark your followers to also get into the spirit of things and want to spend a little more. Make use of your creativity team here and get your page to conform without losing a sense of what your brand is about. You still want your customers to recognise you after all!

8. Reposition Impulse Buys and Last-Minute Gifts

There’s always that one boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/partner that’ll leave things until the last minute. That’s your target kill – the guilt of the last minute purchase usually means they’re more than willing to get something at any price that’ll help them save face. 

Make sure you have a range of impulse buys strategically placed close to the consumer. 

A great idea is to pair products from your website or business that would go perfectly together. A pair of earrings and a bracelet, a dinner and spa, think outside the box and push them out as “romantic last minute gift ideas”!



Valentines is one of the few holidays that’s centered entirely on gift giving. So go crazy with marketing your goods and services to make sure that your customers know where all the great deals are. What more, done right, the attention you build around your brand or company within this holiday will generate an impressive following and get you even more customers than before!