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about us

Who We are?

LONCANI is a key player in the beauty and wellness industry. It is the world’s largest collaborative platform in the beauty industry. Revolution in the IT sector engaged all classic modes of businesses in advance mode. The beauty industry adopted this revolutionary in order to keep pace with age, so LONCANI offers an advanced platform form the beauty and well-being industry by adjusting it in a societal and economic dimension.

Our Mission

LONCANI aims to develop a community with influential beauty care culture by collaborating with the stakeholders in the industry. We help the community by providing them with a simple and efficient way to connect with clients, to automate repetitive tasks with their clients and grow their business.

Our Vision

LONCANI aims to position itself as a significant player in the economy on-demand for the beauty and wellness service industry. We are developing a beauty culture by beautifying every individual on this planet. So, let’s join hands together to make this planet magnificent.

A Marketplace for Beauty and Wellness industry

The LONCANI marketplace platform is primed with possibilities and opportunities for the beauty and wellness industry. We cater to just about everyone in the field of beauty and wellness, from freelancers, SMEs, to already established beauty care and wellness professionals. It is an excellent avenue for service providers to interact with customers and be able to put their offer in a better light for faster access and smooth transactions. For those who are self-employed, freelancers, and SMEs in the beauty industry, LONCANI offers to reach customers who are looking for beauty and wellness services.

On the flip side, LONCANI provides the fastest and convenient searches for customers looking for beauty and wellness service professionals by making life easier and connecting with the best people for the job in just a click away.


Let’s make it different: Affordable, Flexible and Accessible.

Beauty treatments as a luxury require time and organization, which is an old concept that LONCANI aims to change. The platform ties customers to service providers in an environment that is fast and flexible. Customers can then compare prices and schedules from different beauty care professionals in the most convenient way.

Our Core Values

Professional Team

Stephanie G

CEO/Founder/Head of Product

Ramesh B

Design lead and UI, UX

Ravikas K

Software Developer

Naeem S

Content/Customer success Manager

Jay M

Sales/Account manager

Tiana N

French Customer Service

A Few words from our dear clients

Here's what our users want to say about LONCANI

“ LONCANI is the name of quality and professionalism. I tried Nail Art, the beautician was an expert one with cooperative and professional behaviour. LONCANI is providing quality services with time-saving features. Undoubtedly, gonna make bookings again.”

Tara Clue


“Quality-oriented platform which definitely able to polish the skills and expertise of service providers. Being a quality provider and good at learning, I am enjoying many fantastic features at LONCANI. I am planning to join the upcoming training sessions as well. LONCANI is a futuristic project and a perfect digital beauty market.”

Jack Paden


“It was very hard to manage my salon due to a large number of visitors. Joined LONCANI recently, it made my workflow convenient. Now, my customers make bookings by being at home. I confirm them suitable time slots. It made my work and life both easy.”

Jennie Smith


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