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One platform with many Possibilities for you!

LONCANI is providing a great chance for your growth. It offers to create an online store, and different ways to earn. You can set multiple sources of passive income at LONCANI such as the sale of products, offers, subscriptions, and a different set of beauty treatments

The Extraordinary Possibilities with LONCANI
Beauty Marketplace

Feel free to dream big to achieve your goals online. But to get started you need the best industry-standard features.

So, come on and start your online store on LONCANI.

Coming from the other platform?
Export/Import your products

If you are a part of any other online platform, and willing to join LONCANI, You can import/export your beauty products and services. It is very simple. LONCANI provides a great chance to showcase your products and services in an attractive way that can appeal to your customers.

Join on-demand marketplace with your Independent Store

The age has been changed. It is the time of the digital world. So, join LOCANI, an online beauty platform for your services. It allows you to earn and stay independent.

Your online store is linked with your beauty care service

LONCANI can accelerate your income by publishing your beauty care services online. Your live portfolio can bring a great number of new customers. If you are already having your beauty care center, link it with LONCANI.

Configure your own store settings
and get access to all the features

The platform offers an attractive online store profile for e-commerce businesses. It provides access to multiple store settings and many other possibilities.

Increase your Brand Value and Reputation

Goodwill sometimes values more than its business. Your brand value and reputation keep your customers to be loyal toward your services. LONCANI strongly believes in transparency and quality in the beauty field. So, we are willing to improve your goodwill by increasing your brand value and reputation.

Coming soon

Enable Recurring Revenue with Product Subscription

Did you ever wish that your customers buy their product automatically every week, months or years? Without lifting a fingertip? It’s possible on LONCANI. Create a product subscription. Get repeated order and consistent revenue from loyal customers. Just one configuration to start a non-stop income.

Easy Shipping Management

Ship everywhere. We make it simple for you to manage shipping setting. Sell in Canada and worldwide. There is no limit, No fees!

 Increase your sales with Coupon Code

Create and manage coupon code effortlessly with multiple offers and incentives. Right from your dashboard, handle discounts on your store. Make your long-term clients and permanent sources of income. Isn’t great?

Your Store Insight with Custom Earning Report

Usually, it is painful and time-consuming to handle accounts, financial statements, and periodical reports.

LONCANI is introducing a great feature related to financial earnings. Generate your financial statements and earning reports very conveniently.